IT Security–Everyone’s Responsibility


Your business is founded on IT.

Through it you control your stock, marketing, orders, communications…everything.

Without it your business wouldn’t be able to function which is why is it essential you keep your IT safe from  other competitors, sabotage or the anonymous hackers that lurk in cyber space.

It is very difficult for most people to understand the motivations behind these attacks. Some may be due to unscrupulous competitors who want to create valuable (to them) down time in your systems. Others do it simply because they can.

This is why it is essential for your business to have strict IT security measures for everyone.

IT security threats

The types of threats that are out to get your business are:

  • Spoofing email – these come with attachments that normally format your C: drive (e.g. W32.sobig.a, W32.nachi.worm and Netsky)
  • Tampering – (or sabotage) someone with an axe to grind could internally alter documentation before sending it out. This could harm your business by falsifying information etc.
  • Repudiation – a disgruntled employee could delete critical information to cause chaos etc.

Therefore it is vital that you have excellent security in place and all your staff understand the importance of not opening attachments in suspicious emails.

What’s the password?

Passwords are an important part of securing your network system.

Keeping your password secret is vital because if someone works it out there’s no telling what might happen.

Using a complex password is essential to make sure no one guesses it. By mixing text and numbers at least 6-8 characters long will make it virtually impossible for someone to crack.

Whatever it is, make sure you can remember it – never write it down – and change it every month or so.

Who are you?

Another aspect of IT security is being vigilant to who’s about.

If you see someone roaming around your office on their own and you don’t know who they are, don’t be afraid to ask them.

When you leave your desk always log off so someone can’t gain access to the system under your name.

Of course a potential threat might not appear in person, if you get a phone call saying it’s your IT department and they need to know  your login and password – DON’T TELL THEM. If it is genuine they’ll come and find you in person.

All of this might sound like common sense but it’s worth reinforcing it amongst your staff every so often.

Be vigilant, be safe, be secure.