Bribery Act – Is Your Business up to Speed?

Way back in July 2011, the Bribery Act 2010 came into force.

It applies to all businesses within the UK.

If you’re a business owner, have you taken the necessary steps to make sure you comply?

The Bribery Act contains 4 main criminal offences, namely:

  • Offering, promising or giving a bribe
  • Requesting, agreeing to receiving, or accepting a bribe
  • Bribing a foreign public official
  • Failing to prevent a bribe being paid on an organisation’s behalf

Potentially, your business could fall foul of this legislation if it can’t show that it has put in place ‘adequate measures’ to prevent bribery taking place.

What do you need to do?

Your first step will be to determine whether there is a risk that an employee, agent, subsidiary partner, or other person carrying out services for on your behalf, carrying out an act that falls within any of the four offences listed above.

For more guidance, the Government has published these guidelines on the 6 principles every business should follow to help you ensure compliance with the Act.

So, are you compliant?