How to Make Your PC Run Faster

Don’t you just hate it when your PC starts to slow down? How to improve your PCs speed

Rather than sitting there cursing it as you wait for your programmes to load, why not do something about it? It really isn’t that difficult and it doesn’t take long.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to make a difference.

1. A tidy desktop

A cluttered desktop makes it difficult to find your files, plus it looks awful. But not only that, it can also slow down your computer’s processing speed.

Simply delete any icons that aren’t needed and organise the ones you can’t live without.

2. Empty the bin

Deleting stuff and sending it to the recycle bin is easy. But, just like your office bin, it can get really full, which in turn will slow your PC down.

Make sure you empty it out regularly.

3. Delete files

No, we don’t mean delete every file on your PC, just the ones you don’t need.

Over time you would have amassed a number of documents, programmes, videos or music files that you don’t need any more. Rather than leaving them there to take up unnecessary space, delete them to improve your computer’s performance.

4. Virus

Nothing slows a PC down like a virus and some can infect your computer without you even knowing about it. That’s why you should regularly scan your system for any nasty little critters that have snuck through your defences.

5. Cleanup

On your Windows PC, under System Tools, you’ll find the Disk Cleanup programme. This will scan your PC and remove any temporary Internet files, setup log files and other temporary files you don’t need to be storing. It will also empty your recycling bin.

6. Defrag

Ever come across the Disk Defragmenter programme? Do you know what it does? Basically, it scans your hard drive and arranges all your files in a clean and neat order that makes it easier for your PC to find things, therefore speeding it up.

This is the last step of your maintenance routine that should be done regularly.

There you go, we told you it was easy. All you have to do is set yourself a reminder to go through your maintenance routine regularly.

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