How to Recover Lost Form Data in Your Browser

How many times has this happened to you?  Lazarus

You write a blog using a browser-based blog tool, hit the wrong key and bam, there goes all your hard work.

Or, you’re completing a form or registration online and your browser crashes – everything you spent the last half hour writing is lost.


You bet it is.

Thankfully, there is a little tool you can download that saves every keystroke you enter into any web form.

Want to know what it is?

The little fella is called Lazarus. It’s a browser add-on that makes data recovery child’s play. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Yes, sorry about that Internet Explorer users.

How Lazarus works

Basically, Lazarus automatically saves every keystroke you make in an online form, blog tool, comment box etc. (you can also add a password if you want added security).

If you lose any information, to bring it back, just look for the Lazarus symbol (shown above) above the box you were just typing in, give it a click. A pop up appears and all you have to do is select the text you want to recover and it reappears – hey presto!

This simple little tool will save you an awful lot of stress and screaming.

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