HP Chromebook 11 Recall

Have you ever had that sinking feeling?

You know the one – you’ve worked really hard on a project and then something unexpected goes wrong. It’s horrible, isn’t it?

Well, Google and HP have experienced that exact feeling recently.

November was not a good month for the HP Chromebook 11.

Unique amongst other Chromebooks, this particular model can be recharged through a micro-USB port, like those used for smartphones and tablets.

But disaster struck when Google received 9 reports of chargers overheating and melting during use. This resulted in Google and HP pulling the HP Chromebook 11 from the market.

Customers who bought one prior to 1st December 2013 have been advised to stop using the original charger (even if it works) and request a new one (as per Google’s FAQ), although in the meantime, any other certified micro-USB charger can be used.

Eek, I didn’t know about this, how do I get a new charger?

All you have to do is call Google’s support team for help, if necessary, and fill in a form for a free replacement charger.

It’s likely that the new charger will take up to six weeks to arrive in the UK and Google provide a pre-paid package to ship back the original. There’s no need to return the Chromebook.

If you bought one after 1st December, your charger should be safe.

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