Office 365 Customers Are Benefiting From The New Clutter Tool

Microsoft is introducing a new feature for Office 365 business customers.

Clutter aims to sweep unimportant messages from their in-boxes.

It uses machine learning to work out which messages are important to you and which can be filed away in the Clutter folder. The aim is to remove potential distractions from your view.

Based on Microsoft’s Office Graph technology, Clutter aims to improve the relevance of information you are presented with, highlighting documents, conversations and contacts that are most relevant to your work.

According to a post on the Office blog:

“It gets smarter over time, learning from your prior actions with similar messages, and assessing things like the type of content and even how you are addressed in the message.

“The Clutter experience is personalised to each individual and reflects an email experience that adapts to your actions and preferences without you having to do anything. The information Clutter learns from each user’s actions are only applied to that user’s experience and are not shared with anyone else.”

Don’t worry, you won’t start losing things because nothing in the Clutter folder is deleted, so if it accidentally miscategorises an important message it can still be retrieved from the Clutter folder. The idea behind it is that it will filter out marketing messages, newsletters and other low-value emails that you may have signed up for but rarely bother to look at (spam will continue to be handled separately)

Get Cluttering

Clutter has now been rolled out to Office 365 for business users although isn’t switched on by default.

If you do switch it on, you’re unlikely to notice any major changes for the first few days as the software learns your email reading habits.

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