Watch What You Post on Facebook

The chances are you have a Facebook account and are fairly active on it, posting all sorts of status updates, adding photos and playing games.

Although you think your information is secure because you’ve taken the time to check your privacy settings, what happens in a friend’s account gets hacked, or they forget to log out so someone you don’t know can see your updates? A recent article on highlights 5 things you should think twice about before posting.

1. Birth dates

If you share your birth date on Facebook you’ll get loads of lovely comments from friends on your big day, but you’re also providing potential thieves with important information they can use to steal your identity.

The best option is not to list it at all, but if you’re adamant you want to, miss out the year.

2. Relationship

Are you single? Married? Divorced? Whatever your relationship status keep it to yourself.

Worse case scenario, if you’re newly single you could end up with unwanted attention from people.

3. Location

Using Facebook’s location tagging feature tells people not only where you are, but where you’re not – i.e. at home.

4. Home alone

You never know exactly who is reading your profile (or your children’s), so never tell the world you’re home alone.

5. Picture of your kids

It’s sad that you even have to consider this, but don’t tag, name or give the date of birth of your children on Facebook. You never know who could be looking at them. The same goes for photos with other people’s kids in them. If you want them to see the pictures, send them a link.

Social media is fun and a great way to keep in touch with people, but you still need to exercise caution when using it. Most of it is common sense, so just be careful and think twice.

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