Which is The Best Cloud Storage Service of 2015?


Finding the right cloud storage service for your needs can be tricky.

There are 3 main players:

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive

Of course, they each offer different benefits, so to help you work out which is best for your needs we’ve sifted through the pros and cons.

Service overview


Quite basic, Dropbox allows you to store files in the cloud, arranged in folders and sub-folders – a bit like you would on your desktop.

You can also choose to share folders with others – very handy if you want to email a large file to someone.


This offers much the same as Dropbox, but it’s integrated with the Microsoft and Google ecosystems.

Previously known as SkyDrive, if you have a Microsoft email account (Outlook or Hotmail) you already have OneDrive and access to Office Online (it’s also one of the apps included with the Windows 8 OS).

Google Drive

This is much the same as OneDrive except it’s integrated with Google Docs as well as Android and Chrome OS. In a similar way as above, if you have a Gmail account, you already have Google Drive.

How much to you get free?

Google Drive and OneDrive are the most generous offering 15GB free storage per user. You only get 2GB with DropBox.

As for bonuses, the picture is a bit different.

OneDrive offers a recruitment incentive bonus: recruit 1 friend and get an extra 500MB, which goes up to a maximum of 5GB if you recruit 10 friends.

You can also earn an extra 15GB of storage when you activate your camera roll backup on iOS, Android, Windows or Windows phone to save photos automatically to OneDrive.

Dropbox also offers a bonus scheme: for each person you invite to Dropbox (and who joins), you get an extra 500MB with a maximum of…wait for it…16GB. By far the most generous.

So which one is right for you?

Only you can decide that, but hopefully this quick insight will make that an easy decision.

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