What’s Draining Your Battery?

smartphone battery life


Smartphones are a Godsend.

You can be contacted anywhere, respond to emails anywhere, keep up with your social connections anywhere.

OK, at times this constant connectedness leaves you hankering for the good old days when mobiles didn’t exist, but to be honest, you’d be lost without your smartphones.

However, smartphones do have one draw back – FOFB – fear of a flat battery. Yes, you can guarantee, when you need your phone the most, your battery will die leaving you incommunicado.

It’s even more annoying when you’ve hardly used your phone all day.

Recently, Facebook as been revealed as one of the top iPhone battery guzzlers with some users complaining that background activities zap over 20% of their battery’s life.

It’s this background app activity that’s usually to blame, so how can you find out which apps are draining your battery?

If you go to Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to Battery:

iPhone battery


You’ll reach the following screen. If you scroll down to Battery usage you’ll see which are the offending apps:

iPhone battery usage


You can see how much battery each app has used over the last 24 hours or 6 days. Once you have this information you can decide on your best strategy for saving battery life. That could be closing Facebook while you’re not using it, or turning off the app’s use of your location.

Hopefully, that should help you identify which app or apps is stealing your battery life so you can enjoy a happier relationship with your iPhone.

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