Is Artificial Intelligence losing you clients?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all the rage, but is it ruining your customer service?

How many times have you tried to contact a company and found yourself going around in a loop system on the telephone?

Have you visited a website and found you can only contact the company through an automated email address?

What about when you wanted to get an issue sorted out, and the only option of contact is an Online Chat feature? It’s so frustrating. When you do get through, if you don’t know their jargon it’s impossible to get a straight answer because most of these services work from a crib sheet.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Why do Companies think artificial intelligence is what the human race wants?

We know why companies do this, primarily its to save money, they don’t have to employ anyone to answer the phones.  The company also thinks it is a quicker way to deal with queries. However, not everything is black and white, sometimes its grey and this is why we need to communicate effectively with another human being.

Whatever happened to the philosophy the customer is always right? What customers want is some ‘good old fashioned’ customer service!!

So be aware when reviewing your costs at your end of year.  Consider this; can your company sustain a loss of clients due to inefficient automated systems, non-existent hands-on customer service, and poor feedback reviews?

At MPMIT we take all our customers seriously. It doesn’t matter if they are a home user, a start-up business or an established micro business.  We give excellent customer service, and none of our systems are automated.  You can speak to a friendly human being who can help resolve your issues promptly.

We cover an excellent geographical area so why not give us a look.  Contact us by email: phone us on 01449 770704 | 07733 262116