Microsoft’s Security Chief Says Ditch Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

It’s not every day you hear the security chief of Microsoft telling you not to use one of its products. However, today isn’t any old day. Today is the day you’re urged not to use Internet Explorer.

In the words of Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s security chief, Internet Explorer is outdated and shouldn’t be used as a main web browser.

Is Internet Explorer is outdated?

Developers no longer test their work on it, instead preferring more modern browsers. This causes problems for people who do use it.

Microsoft is well aware that many firms still rely on IE. Their websites use the deep programming behind it. According to Mr Jackson, this won’t affect the running of the sites. However, IE is now merely a ‘compatibility solution.’

What supersedes Internet Explorer?

Back in 2015, Microsoft launched a successor to IE called Edge, but it struggled and failed to capture the imagination of users.

The software giant now plans to adopt technology from Google Chrome.

If you are still using IE, one word of warning, from 2020 IE11 will be the only version to get security updates.

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