Has your iPhone Or iPad stopped charging?

non charging iPhone and iPad

Technology is great when it works. However, now and then it likes to throw a curve ball to remind us how much we rely on it.

Take smartphones as an example, specifically the iPhone (the same applies to iPads).

You may have experienced this situation: your iPhone won’t charge, or charging can be a bit hit and miss.

Your first reaction is probably to head off to town and buy a ridiculously expensive replacement charging lead (aka a Lightning connector). Or, you may decide to get your handset repaired.


Before you go down either of those routes, you need to know that there’s a good chance the connectors have become clogged due to small areas of corrosion. So small you can barely see them.

You can easily clean them by:

  • Applying a little WD40 (other specialist contact cleaners are available) to the contacts
  • Using a soft tipped brush or even a pencil eraser to clean the contacts.
  • Gently cleaning the contacts using light pressure

And that’s it. It works and brings device charging up to full throttle. However, don’t use an acidic based fluid to clean the connector, such as lemon juice or vinegar; as this could increase corrosion and drip into the device creating a bit of mess on those finely engineered, expensive electronics.

If you have an iPhone loaded with music that isn’t playing through your speaker dock, or only intermittently, clean the speaker and device contacts using the above method.

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