Huawei Smartphone – Good Investment Or Dead As a Dodo?

Huawei smartphones as dead as a dodo

Buying Huawei smartphones was seen as a good move.

Being cheaper than its rivals, it offered ‘you’d-be-made-to-pass-up’ value for money.

But then Google announced it was being forced to comply with the US government’s ban on the supply of technologies to Huawei. As a result, it has stopped providing software and support to the tech giant.

In other words, Huawei smartphones will lose access to Android software updates. Any phones sold outside of China won’t have popular Google apps such as the Play Store or Gmail.

Does that mean Huawei smartphones are now expensive doorstops?

The good news is that if you already have a Huawei handset, it will continue to work as usual. The US ban only relates to new smartphones.

What does it mean for the China tech giant?

Well, it’s going to make their push into the European market very difficult. The combination of powerful cameras, good battery life, and low price make them very attractive to the smartphone customer.

Huawei can continue to use the underlying Android operating system because it’s open source, although they’ll have to produce their updates.

The main problem is selling a smartphone without Google services and apps. Google has some 150 apps and services running on Android, so it’s going to make potential buyers think twice.

Despite the attractive price point, users have to ask themselves, can they cope without Google’s services and apps?

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Source: BullGuard