RIP iTunes – Apple Introduces Three New Apps

iTunes is no more

Apple is killing off iTunes after 18 years of faithful service.

Over the years, the app has grown beyond its music roots to include a multitude of other necessities we (apparently) can’t live without.

Today, it’s a creaking pensioner that’s trying to do too much. Therefore, iTunes, as we know it, is being put out to pasture. Fear not, that doesn’t mean your music library is suddenly going to become redundant. Apple wouldn’t do that to you.

Three new upstarts are usurping the old iTunes app.

Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV

These are the new kids on the block.

Apple Music will be lightning-fast and easier to use, simplified and improved. This app will be primarily focused on Apple Music with its 50 million songs, and so on. Users will have access to all their music here, whether the tracks were downloaded, purchased or ripped from CD.

If you prefer to have your own music, you can still use the iTunes Music Store as there’ll be a sidebar within the Music app to take you music shopping.

In the same way, you will be able to buy films and TV shows from the Apple TV app.

The iTunes app won’t be disappearing altogether, but it will just be a place where you can buy music.

The end of the iTunes era

iTunes changed the way we chose, listened to, and bought music. It was a game changer for the music industry and forced the removal of digital rights management that dictated how many devices to which we could save our tracks.

Even though it was innovative at the time, our world has changed. Technology has changed, and the way we consume products and services has changed. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that even the mighty iTunes has to succumb to change sooner for later.

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Source: Forbes