Test Mobile Sites for Free with Adobe Shadow

After reading about Adobe’s latest offering in PCPro, we wanted to share it with you.

Developing mobile sites can be ‘challenging’, especially with regards to the constant need to refresh one or more mobile devices every time you make a change.

But those clever people at Adobe have the solution. Using Adobe Shadow means, once all set up, the contents of your desktop web browser are displayed on the screen of the mobile device, rendering natively. So, when you make a change, all you have to do is hit refresh and it will appear on all connected devices – simple.

Getting started

Adobe Shadow is made up of 3 section:

  • Desktop software – free to download from Adobe Labs (works on both PC and Mac)
  • Shadow Client – download from the Chrome Web Store into Chrome
  • Mobile app – download either Android or iOS from respective app stores

You begin by running the application on your PC or Mac and fire up Chrome. Click the Shadow extension icon on the toolbar and start the app on your mobile device.

Your app will either automatically find your computer, or you’ll need to type its network IP address into the mobile app.

A passcode is then generated, which should be entered into the Chrome extension to pair the devices. This process should be repeated with all mobile devices.

Once done, navigate to the site in Chrome. Your iPad, iPhone etc., should now mirror your desktop, rendering whichever web page you visit using their native browser.

How cool is that?

Author: MPM Computer Consultancy provides IT Services, Support and Training to sole traders and small businesses in Ipswich. Bury St Edmunds and surrounding villages.