Microsoft Powerpoint Time Saving Tips

Powerpoint is a fantastic tool for businesses, but it can be a bit time consuming.

To help you create impressive presentations faster, here are 6 time saving tips.

1. Edit images within Powerpoint

If you import images into Powerpoint 2010 or 2013, they can be resized and tidied up within the application.

From the Picture Tools|Format Tab, you can crop, adjust the brightness and contrast, tweak the colour, tone and add artistic effect. Plus, you can remove the background from an image.

2. Customise the ribbon

In the 2010 and 2013 versions, you can add your favourite commands on a custom ribbon for easy access.

Just click the File Tab, select Options and go to the Customise Ribbon pane. From here you can use the New Tab and New Group buttons to set your new Tab, then drag the commands you want that aren’t normally exposed and select ‘Commands not in the ribbon’ in the left hand column.

3. Insert date and time

On the Insert Tab there’s a button for date and time. This allows you to include the date and time (either fixed or live) in the body of the footer of your slides and separately on notes and handouts.

4. CTRL + Return to move quickly between fields and slides

Pressing CTRL + Return while entering text moves your cursor into the next text field on the slide. If you’re already in the last field on the slide, this combination inserts a new slide and places your cursor in the top text field.

5. Grids and guides

From the Home Tab, click Arrange|Align. At the bottom of the menu that appears is an option for grid settings along with an option to snap objects to other objects and display smart guides.

You can also enable drawing guides, which show the horizontal and vertical mid points of each slide.

6. Quick Styles

Quick Styles help you achieve a consistent look.

Select the element you want to style and hover over the Quick Style option to see the effect. Each style is initially offered in a choice of 7 colours, but you can use the Sharpe Fill tool to customise the colour of any styled element.

There you go, 6 tips to help you create eye-catching Powerpoint presentations faster.

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