Do You Know What “Vishing” Is?

Have you heard of the term “Vishing”?

It is a fraudulent act whereby someone telephones you pretending to be from your bank, the police or other reputable organisations and tricks you into handing over your personal details. These are then used to commit fraud.

How to spot Vishing

Those that commit vishing are quite technically savvy, so much so that the number they are calling from (that appears on your phone) may be masked to make it look legitimate.

To help you stay one step ahead here are a few of the ticks they use that you should look out for.

  • Telling you a fraud has been detected on your account – they’ll prey on your natural concern to encourage you to transfer money to a different account. Remember that the police and your bank will never as you to withdraw money from a cash point, or transfer money to another account
  • Suggest you hang up and then call the official bank phone number – they won’t hang up so they can be sure that you’re reconnected directly with them again
  • Asking you to enter your PIN into the handset – again, this is something you would never be asked to do by the police or your bank
  • Asking you to put your card and PIN in separate envelopes to be collection – your bank will never collect your card in person, or ask you to buy good with your card and hand them over for safe keeping

What should you do if you think you’ve been conned?

The best advice we can give is to get in touch with your bank straight away.

Vishing is a growing problem, so it’s important you remain vigilant at all times. Remember that your bank will never ask for your confidential information over the phone and neither with the police.

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