How to Change Your Email Address and Keep Your Friends

Changing your email address can be a nightmare.

Your old address is everywhere – in people’s address books, on old messages your friends have kept not to mention all those online sites where you’ve used your email as your user name when you created accounts.

So, yes, changing your email address is a complete pain.

But we’re here to help make the process slightly more bearable.

The first think you need to do is find out how long you can keep your old one and at what cost. It is worth keeping it for a month or so to help mop up any accounts or friends you may have missed.

Next, you have to tell everyone about your new address. The easiest way to do that is to send an email to everyone in your address book and:

  • Address the email to yourself
  • BCC everyone else (make sure you BCC so you don’t show all the email addresses)

Then set up your email client to receive messages from both accounts and, if possible, set up an auto responder to reply to any message coming in from the old address reminding them of your new one.

When it comes to the websites where you’ve used your email as your user name, there’s no easy way round that one. So you’ll just have to track them all down and change your account information.

Of course, if you’re in business, don’t forget to change your business cards, website, letter heads etc.

Changing your email address is a pain, but hopefully the above tips will help you achieve a smooth transition.

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