How to Set Up Skype…

phone call…And enjoy free phone calls to other Skype users

If you’re looking to cut your overheads, what better way than to start using Skype?

You can chat for free to other Skype users anywhere in the world and enjoy reduced cost calls to other users.

Not only that but there are a wealth of other features available for business and private users.

What’s more it’s very easy to set up – all you need is a computer.

How to set up Skype on your computer

First of all head over to the Skype website and click the download button (if you are a Mac user use this link).

Once your download has finished click ‘save file’ to set up your Skype application and follow the onscreen instructions of the set up wizard.

After the installation process is complete just click on your Skype desktop icon and away you go.

Finding contacts

Once you’re all set up you’ll need some contacts – you can search by name, Skype name (if you know it) or email address.

As soon as your contacts have accepted you you can start chatting.

You can even get an app to enjoy Skype on your Android or iPhone.

Why not try it out?

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