Climate Recovering as Global Emissions Down due to Coronavirus!

With an increasing amount of people changing their everyday lives to follow government guidelines, more and more companies and businesses are encouraging their staff to work from home to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus. This has had many effects on the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere globally, raising several hypotheses that perhaps the way we are working now is a method for the future in order to help save our planet from climate change.

An image from the BBC below represents the drastic decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from China since the coronavirus caused lockdown to occur, a country not known for its low-greenhouse gas emissions.

The change demonstrates a huge benefit to our atmosphere and the deceleration of climate change. Similarly, in the picture below, a map of Italy showing their change in emissions since lockdown has been in put in place represents a similar trend, which once again more people working from home, giving off less greenhouse gases.

Another image below from the European Space Agency represents the pollution levels China before and after their lockdown, showing once again the positive impacts coronavirus is having on the environment, as less people travelling around due to lockdown.

Scientists are now realising the huge benefits we are seeing to the environment due to this pandemic, and wondering how much of an effect this will have in the future if all countries switch to low-carbon lifestyles, through working at home and less travelling, and reducing the overall emissions produced by people.

So, what can you do to help maintain this lower level of global emissions? Are you one of many people who has switched to work at home and use your vehicle much less than you normally would? Think to yourself, can I moderate the amount I travel from now on, even after this pandemic is over? If everyone was to alter their lifestyle by travelling less and working from home a bit more than usual, even if by a couple of days a week, we would see a difference. Our planet would benefit massively, species of birds and other wildlife would be saved, climate change would be massively slowed down, and the rising of sea levels due to polar ice caps melting would also reduce. All of these processes are affected by the way we all live our lives. Do your bit, and reduce your carbon emissions, and our planet will be saved.

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