Have You Gone For the Ultra-fast Broadband Scheme?

The government’s broadband voucher scheme should have reached 200,000 small businesses, however with the March 2015 deadline fast approaching, only 3,000 businesses have taken up the vouchers.

The idea behind the scheme was to help get ultra-fast broadband to small and medium sized businesses to help create a network of super-connected cities around the UK including London. Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Cambridge.

Only companies with fewer than 250 workers are eligible to apply and the uptake as been disappointing.

To try to turn things around, their website has now been redesigned to create a more streamlined process, plus:

  • Qualifying businesses no longer have to fill in an application form, but can access the government grant with a call to a pre-approved broadband supplier

  • Businesses that already have a different supplier in mind need only to fill in a form to get their quote approved

  • Suppliers can also apply to BDUK (the group overseeing the process) with a set of eligible connection costs, cutting the need for businesses to apply at all

  • Once a broadband package has been approved, suppliers can market it to eligible businesses with no more need for forms or rubber-stamping (source: BBC)

If you are interested to see whether your business qualifies for the scheme, head over to the Connection Vouchers website for more information.

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