Laptop Vs Desktop

Laptop sales flew passed those of desktops a while ago as more and more people opted for smaller, lighter and more portable computing. Of course, now tablets and smartphones are staking a claim to the laptop’s market share.

But there are still some very good reasons for sticking with the behemoth sitting under your desk.

1. Performance/price ratio

Basically, opting for a desktop will always mean you get more power for your money.

2. Upgrades

Laptops will allow you to add more RAM when needed, by a desktop still offers more upgrade options.

For starters it can take more RAM and you have more drive options and upgrading your CPU or graphics card is relatively easy on a desktop, but virtually impossible on a laptop.

3. Repairs

Again, opening up a desktop is pretty easy to check the cables are secure, to clean out dust, remove a broken part etc. But laptop repairs take quite a bit more skill and you may even find that replacement parts are specific to models, unlink desktops that will take something more generic.

So, it would appear that desktops are the clear winner, but they have one major flaw. You guessed it, they’re not portable.

That means whenever you’re in the market for upgrade, you will still have to toss up between the importance of mobility before deciding which way to jump.

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